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Quality Help With Your First Grade Homework: Where To Get It

Yes, children in first grade actually do get homework. And, the homework can be challenge for them and for their parents. With new academic criteria, first grade homework often includes steps that parents are unfamiliar with - especially when it comes to math assignments. It might seem like the craziest thing ever, but there are places that parents and children can turn to for help with their first grade homework.

  • Math homework:
  • There are plenty of sites that help parents better assist their children with the unusual math concepts that are taught in first grade. Most parents were not taught math in the same way, so they usually need help teaching these new problem-solving skills. The homework help sites for math usually include videos or step-by-step slide shows to teach parents these complex math assignments.

  • Flash card sites:
  • Since first graders are tasked with beginning reading skills, they benefit from using flash card websites to help them learn and remember new vocabulary terms. Flash card websites usually have their cards organized by grade level and curricular areas so parents can find the perfect cards for their child’s ability and needs.

  • Early reading sites:
  • Ebooks that include audio are perfect sites for first grade students who are working on their early reading skills. They can follow along with the audio as they work through the pages of the ebooks. There are several other types of sites that include early reading skills practice. Some early reading sites have games and online worksheets that children can complete on their own.

  • Video sites:
  • Online videos are always helpful for parents and children who need homework assistance. It seems like there are videos available for nearly every type of assignment in nearly every grade level. With national curricular standards, it does not matter where the teacher is from because they will cover the same skills. Children love to watch online videos and there are many fun educational ones available. Many videographers have modified popular songs or used popular characters to teach new skills. There are also several educational videos that use puppets or other unique characters that are the hallmarks of educational video channels.

  • Art sites:
  • Early elementary children need to be able to have creative time, even during homework time. There are several sites that allow children to be creative online with words, music, and art. Children need time to play in order to learn.

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