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Why Homework Is Bad For High School Students: An Interesting Point Of View

The debate about homework is ongoing. The main reason students were given homework to begin with was so that they could practice and apply the things that they were taught in class. However, a huge problem exists with this idea. If students are not doing the homework correctly, is it helping them learn or hindering their progress. Have you ever driven somewhere and went the wrong way? If you have, then the next time you go to that location again, you will likely make the same mistake. The difference is that you are instantly finding out that you did it incorrectly and are able to fix it. Eventually, you realize where you made the wrong turn and you stop going that way.

When you apply this idea to homework, you won’t get the same result. The student completes the homework incorrectly and continues to do the rest of the problems incorrectly without a correction being made. Then, a few days later, they get the assignment back and see what they did wrong. There are no corrections made because the class has continued on. Most students simply see that they missed some and shoves it in their backpack. There is never a correction made this way. Why practice anything the wrong way? Not every student has a parent at home that can teach them how to complete the problems the right way, so students are practicing doing it wrong.

What alternative methods can be used to solve this issue? That is what you need to decide. Look at all of the schools hopping on the no-homework band wagon. They have realized that it limits the child’s learning, disrupts families, and is really done with no benefit to the student. Would the students get more out of practicing the problems in class, in front of the expert who can teach them and direct them how to do it properly? The answer is yes. The entire homework situation has to be changed and your paper could help lead the way.

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