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Should Schools Ban Homework: Suggestions From An Expert

Should there be homework or should there not be homework?

The topic of whether or not homework should be banned in schools is a very popular and controversial topic at the moment. There are people defending both sides, but as time goes on more and more people are saying that homework should not be in schools. There are different reasons behind the kids saying yes and no to homework being there or not versus the parents saying yes or no to homework being there or not. No matter what people say there is hard-core evidence to support homework being in the schools and to support homework not being in the schools.

Reasons why homework should be banned from schools:

  • Homework is the reason some kids fail – some kids are also the ones who have to help take care of their siblings or around the house, some kids have to be an adult before they technically are an adult and they do not have time to complete homework for every class every day, if they understand and pass the material in the class homework should not be worth so much in class or teachers should be more understanding in some situations; teachers do not like having to grade a ton of homework every night anyways

  • Homework has been compared to as a form of slavery – students spend all day in school, going to class after class, and each year the work load and the stress load only grows, when they get out of school the day is already pretty much over and they should not have to spend the rest of the night doing even more work for school; when you have a job you do not bring home your work with you and cook burgers at home for customers, etc.

Reasons why homework should not be banned from schools:

  • Homework is necessary – being honest homework does not take all day long or all night to do, homework is meant to refresh what you learn in class and help you with future endeavors you plan to have in life, like moving on to college and creating the job you want in life

  • Homework helps to teach responsibility – if the child does not do their homework then they have to face the consequences on their own and deal with not getting a good grade and whatever else may come there way

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