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College homework tips: planning your time

There is an advertising campaign which talks about letting your fingers do the walking. It's an advertisement for telephone books or their equivalent in websites. The idea behind the advertisement is that rather than travel all over town looking for a particular product or service, you use the phone book or the website of the phonebook and use your fingers to find the relevant providers. The point being is that you can get exactly what you want without ever leaving home.

This same principle applies when doing your college homework. The most relevant and important tip you can receive is knowing how to plan your time. So many students waste time. They are not organized. They have no plan. But the students who plan their homework schedule, who let their fingers do the walking, are the students who get through their work more quickly, with less stress and therefore are likely to be more successful.

Make a list of your assignments

Once you are given a particular essay or essays, you need to start a file where you list certain points. How much time is there between when you've been given the topic and when you need to hand in the finished article? Knowing how many words need to be written, knowing how much work is required in research and planning and knowing how many days you have to achieve your goal, you draw up a plan. This might mean you need to do five hours work a week for six weeks. Therefore on a timetable, on a calendar, you set aside the number of hours per day or per week which will be required to finish this task.

You now have the plan in front of you. It is there to look at every day. And once you do what is required on a daily or weekly basis, you mark the box. This enables you to keep tabs on your progress. This prevents you facing a chaotic last week or last few days to get everything done in a rush. Because you have been so good at planning, you have plenty of time to do the research, to do the planning, to do the right thing and to do the proofing.

Some times students will have more than one assignment or more than one task to complete at the same time. This is where learning to draw up a priority list is such a vital tip. On a single piece of paper make a list of the tasks you need to do in your homework. Now rewrite that list with the most important task at the top and the least important task at the bottom. So many students make the mistake of tackling a low priority task and getting themselves way behind in their schedule.

Have a great plan, check on it regularly and work through your list of tasks according to your priority.

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