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What To Do If Your Child Cannot Focus On Homework: Useful Advice

Are you tired of nagging, struggling and arguing with your child to get him to do homework? Have you discovered that threatening, punishing or bribing does not yield the desired results? If this is the case, you are not alone because many parents often times find themselves under similar circumstances. Additionally, many young children experience difficulties sitting in one place and staying focused. However, there are several ingenious yet simple tricks you can use to get your kid to concentrate on homework and even love it. Here is some useful advice on what to do if your child cannot focus on homework.

  • Get your Kid to be Physically Active First
  • It is widely acknowledged that engaging in a physical activity motivates the brain. You should try to get your child take a walk or bike ride from school. This will refresh the mind and improve concentration. If this is not possible due to safety reasons or distance, get the kid to play outside for about 30 minutes to one hour after school or do some simple household chores. You can even get your kid enrolled in a sports team. Whatever option you feel is suitable, the bottom line is that you should ensure your kid has a chance to walk, run and jump around before he/she can sit down to do homework.

  • Turn Off the TV or other Screens Radio and Cell Phones
  • When looking for useful advice on what to do if your child cannot focus on homework, try to minimize distractions. Before your kid can sit down to perform any task that requires concentration, switch off the TV. In case other members of the family are watching, find a quiet place away from the TV. Additionally, turn off the computer or make sure the child is far from the computer screen. If the child has a cell phone, also ensure that it is off. These things may seem simple, but they will go a great way in minimizing distractions and boosting your child’s concentration while studying.

  • Create a To-do List
  • Having several chores and school assignments can be somewhat overwhelming for the child. You can assist your kid to improve his/her concentration by creating a list together. Make a list of everything that needs to be performed after school for the week. You can then let the child tick each task that is completed. This is also a great way to motivate the child to accomplish tasks. Ensure that you take regular breaks between tasks to reduce the monotony of concentrating on a single task.

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