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Evolution Verse Creation

The argument between evolution verses creationism is not new and may stay for a long time. Very little however, can be achieved by debating on the evolution verses creationism, this is because of two major obstacles; the lack of irrefutable scientific evidence to perpetually resolve the issue; and lack of open mindedness from both camps. The creationists believe that life was created by God while the evolutionists believe in life occurring by chance.

Both sides have their differences, but they both share one common characteristic: they have tendency to oversimplify their reasons of origin of life. Evolutionists constantly try to proof that the evolutionary course is an innate law of physics. Scientists tend to believe that atoms that constitute the DNA naturally come into being.  Creationists on the other hand err by the claim that the world surrounding us can simply be described by information existing in the bible

The other area of controversy is the age of the earth, the evolutionists claim the earth existed 65million years ago contrary to creationist who claim earth is 6000 years old. The creationists have no solid evidence apart from faith. Their stand that the planet Earth is 6,000 years old is provoked largely by uncertainties that upon acceptance of an older Earth they would be inclining toward evolutionary time scale.

According to Evolutionists only 5 percent of the whole DNA is used by an organism, 95 percent is non functional referred to as junk DNA. They argue that junk DNA results from a random evolutionary process. They further claim that if life was designed, there would be no such excess genetic code.

When looking at the 20 amino acids that are used by life, one would observe that they are all of left hand variety since the right ones bond with double spirals of the DNA helices. It would be very abnormal for this chemical pattern to come about by chance.

The origin of God the Creator of all things invites a lot of criticism from the Darwinians; the creationists simply say God just existed. This has made it difficult for them to dispute evolution process as too complex to occur through chemical reaction.

Conclusively, the debate of creation verse evolutionism has no winner; there are shortcomings from either side that each side cannot explain. Science can explain some biblical passages and the bible can give answers to where science has failed.

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