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Average Amount Of Homework In High School Is Too High

There is nothing like waking up at six am to get ready, taking a bus for over forty five minutes, sitting through nine classes, and just when you think it’s over spending five hours on homework. This is the life of the average high school student. They live, eat, and breathe school. This is not by choice. They would much rather enjoy some time outdoors or be able to actually eat a meal without their textbook in front of them. The best part of all of this busy work is that it’s not just for one class anymore. They usually have homework for multiple classes.

Let’s not forget those students that decide to play a school sport. They are now stuck completing their homework after practice or on the school bus or during lunch.

Should students really have this much homework?

There is something to be said about practicing the techniques that are learned in class to obtain mastery. There is another to drill it in the heads until you pass out. I guess you can say that we are setting ourselves up for real life. When we get a job, we will have to work eight hours and then come home and make dinner, clean the house, and do the laundry. What are we setting ourselves up for?

What is wrong with the entire family working together to get the chores done and then all going out to enjoy a movie? I think that there is nothing wrong with doing a little less each day so that we all can enjoy life. Take this outlook for school and you will see that students can do some of this busy work in school and then enjoy their nights.

Don’t we all need a little break? I know that the teachers really don’t want to spend the whole day teaching and then the whole night grading papers. Can’t these exercises be incorporated into the school day? It has just been a part of the process for so long that we just haven’t thought about whether or not it is helping anymore.

There is just really no reason for students to have that much homework. Whether they have less in some classes one day or the teachers work together to lessen the amount of work they expect from the students. There has to be some way to stop overloading the kids with homework.

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