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Where to find online sources of math homework answers with explanations

Doing math homework at home alone, or in an area where there isn’t anyone available to help can be extremely stressful. However, there are many resources online for students who are looking to get assistance with completing their math homework. Most math instructors also require that students show their work, which means that simply using a standard calculator isn’t helpful, even if the student can figure out how to get the formula put in. Thankfully, resources with full explanations that lay out the steps of completing the problem are available as well. Here are a few of the options students can find online for math homework answers:

  • Homework Help Services
  • These services actually complete entire assignments according the teacher’s instructions—for a fee. If a student opts for this, they should be contacting the service immediately upon receiving their assignment to ensure that the service has time to find someone available to complete it in a correct fashion, and that the student then (if necessary) has time to recopy it.

  • Online tutors
  • Another option is hiring the services of an online tutor. Online tutors communicate with students through video chatting or IMing, and they can help them work through each of their homework problems themselves. One downside of this option is that it may not be available every time the student has math homework, or the student may need to schedule tutoring in advance and then won’t necessarily need their assistance. However, the services of a tutor can be a great way to improve the student’s math skills overall and reduce their need for help in the future.

  • Online calculators that show work
  • Students can search online for algebra, geometry and other types of advanced calculators which will actually show the work required for the instructor along with the correct answer. These are becoming increasingly available online; it just takes a bit of searching to find one that meets the students requirements.

  • Free homework Q&A sites
  • These sites function as message boards or forums and are not as reliable as the above options but can sometimes work in a pinch. The student would post the question on the site, along with the instructions given for how to present the answer, and a volunteer would either answer the question in full or help walk the student through the process.

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