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Cause of Childhood Obesity

Obesity among children has become a major cause of concern. Furthermore, according to WHO, an obese person is one whose body mass index is equal or greater than 30. The primary reason for obesity among children is the change in their lifestyle. The two factors that have contributed to the change in the lifestyle is the excessive consumption of food containing fats and lack of bodily exercise. Some of the ill effects of obesity are hypertension, heart and liver disease, diabetes, cancer etc.

Liberalization and globalization have brought radical change in the lifestyle of the people. Many multinational companies have popularized the concept of ‘Fast Food or Junk Food’. Children have developed a craze for these foods and carbonated drinks. The results have far reaching implications. Therefore, obesity is on the rise among children leading to a number of diseases. The oils and fats contained in the fast food might have a taste appeal, but severely affects the digestive system. It also affects the functioning of the liver. The other cause of obesity is the lack of bodily exercise among the children. The cause of this that the children are overexposed to internet and television shows and therefore very rarely find time for It therefore primary responsibility of the parents to see to that the children don’t get obsessed with either eating junk food or with television shows. It is necessary to bring change in their lifestyle by encouraging children to eat healthy foods such as cereals, green vegetables, fruits etc. Therefore a healthy diet must include cereals, eggs, fruits and milk. Eating of food containing fats and consumption of carbonated drinks needs to be moderated. Instead, they should be taught to drink plenty of plain water as it removes the toxins from the body. At the same time children should be encouraged to actively participate in sports, yoga and other extracurricular activities.

There should be awareness brought among the children about the negative effects of consuming of junk food, it is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to educate them.

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