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The Hypocrisy of Patriarchy

There is no denying the fact that the feminist movement greatly changed the position of women in Western society. Today, men and women living in developed countries are equal in terms of their legal rights. This achievement is enormous in itself, but sadly does not change the fact that many males still see females as being inferior. They scorn feminism, completely disregarding how hypocritical patriarchy is.

This hypocrisy stems from an inequality that is lodged deep into the minds of men. It is hidden so deep that the vast majority of males do not even notice that something is off with their reasoning. They exempt themselves from the picture altogether, thereby making themselves higher beings by default.

For example, one can often see how women are scorned by men for copying a haircut or fashion style of celebrities. It is seen as shallow and unimaginative. On the other hand, no man will consider himself shallow for imitating the style of some famous actor. A woman posting a picture of herself in a revealing dress or a swimsuit as an avatar is often called easy and some even less appropriate names. However, a man displaying his toned abs as his avatar is seen as cool by his friends. When a man leaves a bar with a girl he picked up for a one night stand, his male companions will admire him and cheer on. At the same time, these people will scorn a girl who goes to a bar to have a night of mindless fun with no strings attached.

Situations at work are hardly better. One of the most common stereotypes used by patriarchal males states that if a woman is smart, she must be ugly. If they are proved wrong, they resort to their second favorite defense – if she is pretty, she must have won her degree/position/grant/etc. through sexual favors. However, any man who gets promoted is commended for his efforts and good work. The hypocrisy of these views is undeniable. Men who share these ideas simply do not see themselves and women as equal human beings, and as such, they use different standards to evaluate female and male behavior.

The problem of this division between genders and conflicts that are born from it can be solved by simply changing people’s perceptions of gender. If we educate our children to assess both males and females using the same standards, they will teach this to their children, and the issue of gender inequality will eventually become obsolete. However, the matter is not addressed by the education system, and many families share old-fashioned views on the roles of women in society. Therefore, the problem remains unresolved.

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