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How To Deal With Graffiti Art Homework: Useful Hints For Dummies

Graffiti, unlike other types of arts, is very unique in its own way. As you look for guidance on how to deal with your graffiti homework, you will read a lot about this special way of expressing our feelings and moods. Although it is mostly associated with vandalizing of property, this art has slowly but surely evolved in a unique art form. A good number of talented graffiti artists are making good money auctioning off their creations. Initially, it used to be all about letters but presently, other forms of expressing this art has been embraced. This includes the use of symbols, characters and other abstracts.

In solving your graffiti homework, you should be fully prepared. This entails having the necessary items to make your work easier. Some of these items include the following:

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Storage tray
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils
  • Crayons
  • Watercolours
  • Mood board

Apart from the above listed items, you should also have a spare space or room to work in but most importantly, you should have a positive brain in order to make the most of your graffiti homework. If you are making use of a moodboard, make sure it is prepared before hand, including the background.

When sign up for graffiti classes, it important you have a personal space where you can comfortably do your assignments. Having a personal space or room makes it easier for you to express your feelings through your work. Also, to make the most of dealing with your graffiti homework, you should believe in yourself. Always feel good about your work so that you can have the courage to try harder, especially if the initial attempts are not on par with what your teacher expects from you and others. Always view every of your work as a masterpiece. While you are working on the outlining, should there be any mistakes in using the fill colour, don’t condemn the work. You can fix it by filling the letter with a matching colour and that is the end of the mistake. Condemning your homework because of minor mistakes will make you spend more time than necessary on a particular task.

Finally, allow each finished assignment to dry properly before you keep it away, especially if you are working with watercolours. This minimizes chances of your work being smudged or damaged and making you start afresh. If it is a weekend, put away your homework in your storage tray and carefully put it in your school bag in the morning as you are ready to leave for school.

With time, you will graduate from working with these beginner items to painting with a wide range of materials like stencils, stickers, oil-based chalks, airbrushes etc.

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