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Why homework should be banned in college

Who wants to have their lives revolve around schoolwork? No one But, this is what happens all the time in a student’s life throughout the school and college years. How many times do you pass an invite from family and friends because you have “homework”? You miss birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and funerals, just because the college extends into the rest of your waking hours! It even invades your sleeping hours. That is another story, to be told under “Nightmares of a student.”

Colleges and schools should be efficient enough to teach the courses during the hours dedicated to study. They should be able to make a schedule where everything that needs to be completed is finished inside of the college hours. What we see is a level of sadistic satisfaction some teachers feel by giving homework. In addition, masochistic joy on some students’ faces about the heavy load of work they are bringing home each day. As if, homework assignments are challenges worth taking!

It is strange where the education system has molded the student to put his or her pride: In the lengths of the term papers, in being a personal favorite of a teacher and in truckloads of homework.

The time after “organized” study should be the time for pursuing other interests, for expanding and deepening knowledge with reading and writing what one likes! There is life outside the curriculum, and it is not frivolous. Pure academic types seem to view other interest as unworthy of their time. This attitude is often absorbed by students and is expressed in burn out and exhaustion.

Some students feel guilty for everything they do for pleasure, just because someone has told them that this part of their existence is meant for studies. The statement most commonly thrown at college and school students is that there will be time for other things “LATER.” It is a “later” that never arrives.

Once you are out of the factory, which has sized and shaped you to fit the market, you end up spending all your time running after a job, a paycheck and a little time. Student life IS the time you can have some fun, meet people, read books, and listen to music and watch movies. Not as an escape pill that you will use the above as “later,” but as genuine sources of pleasure.

Homework comes in the way; it impedes your development and is a barrier to real relaxation that is essential to the human mind and body. Therefore, homework should be banned in schools. Like Yesterday!

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