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How To Enhance Your Motivation To Do Homework: 5 Useful Tricks

If you are struggling to complete homework there many things you can do to help expedite the process. Homework is not intended to be punishment although many students believe that it is. If you are your child or frustrated with tasks there are many steps you can take to help improve the process.

  1. No matter what level of school age child or student is in, tasks will be a regular part of their lives. The first thing you can do to reduce procrastination a tasks fun is to create a specific tasks study states. Many students try to do their homework in a place where they are already comfortable and is typically includes their bedroom or the kitchen table or even the living room couch. But in all of these instances it is very difficult to focus on homework because your brain has already been conditioned to view other activities in association with these locations. This means that you want to select a new study space or work very hard to condition yourself all over again to associate tasks with an existing study space.
  2. Your study space should be unique it should be a place where only work gets done. You don't want to make your study space with another space such as your kitchen table because your brain already associates that area with eating. If you try and work at your kitchen table you will find it more often than not you get hungry when you try to work.
  3. If you try and work on your bed you will find that you get sleepy. The reason is the same. Your brain has already been conditioned to associate a particular activity with the spaces and if you try and do work in the spaces it will be incredibly frustrating because you won't be able to focus and your productivity will dwindle.
  4. Not only should students have a specific study space but they study space should contain all of the things that they need. Inside of each study space should be located a box, bag, or small container inside of which are the tools necessary to complete any work. This means that pens and pencils, highlighters, paper, rulers, notecards, erasers, calculators, protractors, and anything else should be maintained in the same spot.
  5. Nothing interrupts the study focused more than needing to get up to retrieve something. By having everything in one place you alleviate the number of distractions and help to improve focus.

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