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Why Teachers Should Assign Homework: Ways For Students To Benefit From It

For many students it seems like homework is just there to hurt you. It is given to you by teachers who want you to suffer for no reason. But this is not true.

Homework actually serves many benefits for students. While it is becoming decidedly more challenging for students to focus and more demands are being placed on the heads of students to engage in sports and all manner of extra curricular activities in addition to their homework load it is important to remember that homework is still a relevant concept. It is still necessary to real academic growth and it is still something that you should appreciate.

So what exactly are the benefits and why should teachers still assign homework?

  1. Homework gives you the opportunity to solidify the concepts that you learned in class. Through continual practice at home you can convert the lessons that you learned from your short term memory to your long term memory. With continued practice through homework questions you can also improve your retention and your recall. Both are necessary in order to remember the information for the long term and to recall it when you are taking a test or writing a paper.

  2. Homework teaches you how to manage your time. Time management is a very important skill that you will use for the rest of your life. Learning how to manage your time by ensuring your homework is done for each class in addition to attendance at all sporting events is a great skill that money cannot buy.

  3. Homework will also teach you how to set priorities. You might be given regular homework assignments each week and then find that you are given a paper on top of that. You have to learn how to prioritize what is due first and what is most important. This is also a skill that is invaluable and cannot really be learned without being faced with homework.

  4. Homework will help you to solve problems on your own. It might be easy to go over a practice problem in class when you are surrounded by classmates and your teacher but doing it at home is a whole different game. It challenges you to really work independently and to solve problems on your own. If you cannot remember how to solve a problem and you are at home then you might have to turn to your textbook or your notes. You have to be creative about solving it.

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