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How To Find Enough Time To Do My Homework: Expert Advice

One of the biggest complaints for students in high school and college is that they have too much homework and not enough time. In many cases, students really do have enough time, but they waste their time doing things that distract them from getting their homework done in an efficient way.

No More Smartphones

While the smartphone has changed lives for the better, it has also created many unnecessary distractions. From the ability to constantly communicate to the plethora of available games, students are able to use their smartphones to avoid getting their homework done. The experts advise putting away smartphones when it comes time to complete homework. Students should avoid using the calculator or other apps on their phones, because if the phone is sitting nearby, it will be a distraction. Tablets and computers should also be put away until they are absolutely needed because those cause serious distractions, too.

Dedicate a Specific Time

Students should always set aside a regular time dedicated just to homework each day. The best time to complete homework is as soon as the class is done. So, for most students, the best time is when they return home or to their dorms when all classes are finished for the day. Some students will go right to the library or another place on campus to complete their homework. By completing homework at the same time everyday, you will begin to notice how much time you have when you at the end of the day.

No Multitasking Allowed

Many students think they can listen to music and that will help them get homework done more efficiently. This is a false belief. Students are distracted by the music, the lyrics, and the wondering about what song is next on the playlist. Since students often fiddle with the volume and song selections, they waste their precious time. Despite what you might read on social media outlets, most people - even young people - are unable to multitask. What ends up happening is that the most important task that is being completed is usually done poorly when people try to multitask.

Experts agree: Set a time each day, put away distractions, and focus on the task at hand. Then, you will get your homework completed and still have time to play.

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